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Should the Marjonians have a compulsory programme of tabako leafchewing as the druid suggests? 25 Problem 20 The Lost Kingdom and the pesky-fly problem III Before the proposal can be put to a vote, one of the Marjonians stands up and says: ‘Why should I risk my life chewing these stupid leaves? I’ve already had the disease, and recovered from it! ’ But the rest of the Marjonians agree with the community druid who advises that the risk to people like the islander is regrettable but small, and that without the wholesale immunisation of all the Marjonians, the disease will spread in its more infectious form, killing far more.

Just then Quesay remembers the traditional habits of the Alloi. It is one that he has had many an interesting debate at college defending. The Alloi believe that when one’s parents reach seventy years of age, it is the duty of the children to kill them. And as a mark of respect, the family eat the deceased! Suddenly Professor Quesay doesn’t feel so good. He has lost his appetite. However, he knows that not to eat the special dish would cause great offence. It is, indeed, considered to put a curse on the soul of the departed, and to prevent them going to the next world.

The statement on the other side of this piece of paper is true. 13 The sentence The claim on the other side of this piece of paper is false. Or is it? 14 Six ethical stories Problem 11 Diktatia The government of Diktatia were not well liked. In fact, they were downright unpopular. Unfortunately for the people, there were no democratic mechanisms for expressing this dissatisfaction, and there had arisen an underground resistance movement dedicated to carrying out acts of varying degrees of criminality.

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