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Note that if R2 is very large relative toRx, the operating frequency of the circuit is determined 28 SOU A RE AND PULSE GENERA TORS mainly by the R2 and C\ values, and that a virtually symmetrical output waveform is generated. 15b shows the approximate relationship between frequency and the Ct -R2 values under the above condition. 5 T O 15V |IFR =>Ri : 2 +VE t, =0-693 { R ^ R j J C , J f , A 0 - 7 R +2 = 0-693 ( R ) C ! 2 2 22 1 t A 0-7 R C i I T =0-693(R +2R )q| T *1-4 R C, 2 1 2 f (R^RjJC, 2 jf a I R 2 d ( a ) 100 10 5.

E. i. Afteradelay determined by the Cx a n d / ? values, the Ci voltage rises to / 3Vcc \ at this point the monostable action terminates, and the output pulse (at pin 3) switches abruptly to the low state again. 1 x Cx x Rx, where t is in milliseconds, C\ is in microfarads, and/? xis in kilohms. c. below % Vcc by momentarily closing 'reset' button S2. c. This 2 with an amplitude that switches trigger pulse must be negative-going, from an 'off value greater than / 3Vcc to an 'on' value less than V3 ^ C O and with a width that is greater than 100 ns but less than the desired output pulse, so that the trigger pulse is removed by the time the monostable period terminates.

14. 12b. This particular circuit covers the frequency range 600 Hz to 6 kHz. The basic COS/MOS astable circuit can be usefully modified in a number of ways. 13a. c. 13b. Here, highvalue resistor R2 is simply wired in series with the input of gate A. e. characteristics on the final circuit performance, and so enhances the circuit's thermal stability and improves the symmetry of the output waveform. 13c. e. is simply wired in series with the output of the astable circuit. This gate acts as an output buffer, and sharpens up the shape of the final output waveform and minimises the effects of varying output loads on the circuit's operating frequency.

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