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By Jorma Joutsensaari

Aerosol synthesis equipment for the creation of nanostractured fullerene debris were constructed. The nanostractured, ultrafine fullerene debris have been produced through vapor condensation and aerosol droplet drying and crystallization equipment in tubular laminar circulation reactors. The formation mechanisms have been studied via measuring particle-size distributions is the fuel part. High-resolution scanning and transmission electron microscopy tools have been used to watch particle morphology and ciystal constitution, and to check the crystallization mechanisms of the fullerene debris. The construction stipulations of fullerene debris in the course of synthesis, i.e. fuel temperature and stream profiles within the reactor, have been evaluated utilizing computational fluid dynamics calculations. for you to learn the function of fullerene vapor in the course of crystallization, fullerene particle evaporation dynamics within the laminar circulate was once modeled utilizing aerosol particle evaporation idea. additionally, a high-performance liquid chromatography procedure was once applied to check even if it used to be attainable to split various fullerenes in the course of aerosol procedures.

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