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By Martin Windrow

ISBN-10: 0850450330

ISBN-13: 9780850450330

Absolutely illustrated all through with many infrequent BW photos all with well-informed captions, plus eight pages of color profile drawings.

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Aircam Aviation Series
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Each book of Aircam Aviation illustrates one variety or significant sub-types of a recognized plane in complete colour schemes and markings of the Air Forces of the area. every one factor includes 8 pages of colour facet view illustrations, aiding black and white plan view drawings exhibiting the place priceless either top and below surfaces, 100 and twenty-five half-tone pictures and examples of Unit Insignia of the Worlds Air Forces.

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By way of the outbreak of worldwide conflict 2, the Luftwaffe had received powerful tactical battlefield event from its involvement within the Spanish Civil conflict in 1936-1939, founded round the operations performed by means of the Legion Condor, a strength of a few 19,000 'volunteer' German airmen, employees, technicians and groundcrew shaped into fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, Flak, climate and signs components.

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Hans Dankwardt Lt. d. R. Friedrich Oetling Obit. Helmut Schneider Lt. d. R. Robert Jacobi Obit. Hans Sturm Lt. d. R. Martin B6hme Obit. Johanne Leistner Obit. Han Thiimmler Lt. d. R. Waldemar Potempa Lt. d. R. Karl Freund Lt. d. R. Wilhelm Landwehrmann Hptm. Fritz Wieter Lt. d. R. Lothar Friedrich Obit. Fritz Pfeiffer Lt. d. R. Wilhelm Pier Obit. Hans-Joachim von SeydlilzGersten berg Lt. d. L. Johannes Braun Lt. Theodor Corty Hptm. Erich Schilling Lt. d. R. Otto Reichardt Obit. Briickmann Lt. d.

3300 m. 1900 m. 3 hr. 2 hr. 3 hr. 3 hr. 5 hr. 4 hr. 6 hr. 4 hr. -\ min. min. min. min. min. min. 13 war diary shows a duration from take-off to landing of seven hours. COMPILATION OF USEFUL LOAD VERSUS MISSIONS FLOWN Useful load mission~1 Number of Between 3850 kg. and 4000 kg. 12 Between 4000 kg. and 4200 kg. _a_n_d_4_40_0_kg_. ~~ Between 4400 kg. and 4600 kg. -I 30 Between 4600 kg. and 4700 kg. ==--=7 Between 4700 kg. and 4800 kg. l 10 J == I ! I 59 58 COMPILATION OF FLIGHT DURATION VERSUS MISSIONS FLOWN Duration 2t and 3 hr.

I 1:3 :3 VlO-JOIWN -Joo-l>-OIW\DI -1>-10-....... O-J\D-JOO-J OVlOOVlVl VlOOOOO --I>-\D-JVlW ...... OIWooOVlVl Vl-J-I>-\D--I>- N- VlWN-VlOlVloo-l>-\D OVlOOOO OOOVlOlOl Vl-OO-J-J OV,V,NV,V, 10 100'11000'110-1010 * Vl Vl 00001010 OWOOOVl-- Chart of R-plane Numbers, Dimensions and Performance en ~ 3 ;3 0.. 0(j) _. u "" (JQ o C) ~. ,~-o (j) :l (JQ (JQ C o:S~ _. , :l ::r(j) ...... o () ~ _ 3 ~_. @ :E (j) ~. , 0- :J c <3 (JQ o o V1 O? ~::: _. 206 In Type No. I .. ) Area (sq. p. Tractor Propellers 22· 5 225 22'5 22' 5 22·5 42·2 IArea (sq.

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