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By R. Pant J. P. Fielding

Plane layout 2 (1999) 239 - 255

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Via the outbreak of worldwide struggle 2, the Luftwaffe had obtained potent tactical battlefield adventure from its involvement within the Spanish Civil battle in 1936-1939, based round the operations carried out via the Legion Condor, a strength of a few 19,000 'volunteer' German airmen, employees, technicians and groundcrew shaped into fighter, bomber, reconnaissance, Flak, climate and signs components.

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It was imperative that he put Spirit of Flak Wolf where it belonged in the long line of big machines. Finally, McGarry signaled the crew chief and immediately a ground crewman trotted around the left wingtip—clear of the spinning propeller—and pulled the wheel chocks away. There was another exchange of signals, and Halligan felt the aircraft shudder as McGarry advanced the B-17’s two outboard engines. He looked left and returned the salute that the crew chief aimed at McGarry. He was never sure if the ground man saw him, but he always returned the salute on principle.

Firstly, it was one of the original units to start heavy bombardment operations against Germany. This allowed me to use the unit to provide an overview of the story, from beginning to end, of the Eighth Air Force’s strategic bombing effort. Next was the fact that the unit’s records are extensive, well organized and readily available. Decades after the war the 303rd formed an association, and many men—Harry Gobrecht chief among them—labored assiduously to preserve the group’s legacy. Finally, there was the fact that although the 303rd was a standout unit, its operations were typical of all the Eighth Air Force’s heavy bomb groups.

It is raining very hard. ”11 * * * IRA EAKER HAD BEEN in England for six months by mid-August 1942 as the 303rd readied to leave Biggs. By that time, Carl “Tooey” Spaatz had arrived to take command of the Eighth Air Force while Eaker concentrated on building up the Eighth’s heavy bombing component, VIII Bomber Command. The two men, at the head of a fledgling but growing body of men and machines, worked tirelessly to create an air force capable of performing a mission about which nothing existed except theories.

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