All about Vertical Antennas by William I. Orr, Stuart D. Cowan PDF

By William I. Orr, Stuart D. Cowan

ISBN-10: 0823087107

ISBN-13: 9780823087105

This authoritative instruction manual covers the layout, development, install, and operation of fifty two vertical antennas.

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Spiral inductor can be approximated by concentric circular coupled geometrical shape of the inductor depends on the area of the spiral, metal width, metal spacing, the number of turns, and frequency of operation. The appropriate choice for these parameters are aided by the ASITIC program. An alternate approach approximates an n turn circular spiral as a set of n concentric circular microstrips (Fig. 12). Each of these circular microstrips are modeled by an equivalent circuit shown in Fig. 11 where RL = Rq = 0 [15].

2 41 w0 w2 Simple parallel resonant circuit. This is shown in Fig. 2. The bandwidth is often defined when the output voltage, Vout, drops from the resonant value by 2 (or −3 dB). 8) Since the resonant frequency is ω 0 = 1 LC , and the parallel Q from Eq. 2) is ω0C/G = R/ω0L, then Eq. 11) This has been written as a product of two equal terms, so that the original quartic equation has two pairs of equal roots. Taking the square root of Eq. 13) The response is clearly not symmetrical about the resonant frequency ω0.

A variety of ferrite materials, however, have been found to have low loss at radio and microwave frequencies in comparison with most other magnetic materials. The relative permeability for ferrites is in the range 10 < μr < 150. Above the cutoff frequency, μr drops off quickly. The higher the permeability, the lower the cutoff frequency. Typically, for μr = 10, fcutoff = 1 GHz. For μr = 150, fcutoff = 20 MHz. 3 Solenoid Design up to 2 GHz [11]* A design procedure for a single-layer solenoid is given below.

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