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Assertion a2 states that 5 cycles after entering a deadlock area (enter_deadlock_area asserted) signal stuck should be asserted forever. We describe properties in Chaps. 4 and 8. Assertion Libraries Although the language features for naming an expression, a sequence or a property are beneficial for reuse in writing individual assertions, they are not sufficient for building a library of assertions. Commonly, an element from an assertion library logic end_reset, operational, enter_deadlock_area, stuck, clk; // ...

Even though done and idle are signals, it is valid to pass them to the checker as actual arguments because Boolean expressions are special cases of sequences and properties. We describe checkers and their use in Chaps. 21–23. 6 SVA and PSL Beside SVA, PSL (Property Specification Language) [6] is another standard assertion specification language that is widely used in the industry. The goal of PSL is to provide a language subset for assertions that could work in conjunction with a variety of languages.

The checker construct is similar to a module in that it can contain assertions and modeling code, but its instantiation and parametrization accommodate the flexibility and usage that are specific to assertions. The example shown in Fig. 13 illustrates the concept of checker. mytrig is a checker which gets three arguments: trig, prop, and clk. trig should be a sequence, prop should be a property, and clk should be an event. mytrig consists of assertion a1 checking that whenever trig happens prop is true (operator |->, called overlapping suffix implication), and a cover statement c1 monitoring whether trig happens.

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