Anatomies: A Cultural History of the Human Body by Hugh Aldersey-Williams PDF

By Hugh Aldersey-Williams

ISBN-10: 0393240479

ISBN-13: 9780393240474

"A very good, organ-by-organ trip during the physique eclectic. . . impossible to resist [and] impressive."—John J. Ross, Wall highway JournalThe human physique is the main fraught and engaging, talked-about and taboo, distinctive but common truth of our lives. it's the proposal for paintings, the topic of technological know-how, and the resource of a few of the best tales ever informed. In Anatomies, acclaimed writer of Periodic stories Hugh Aldersey-Williams brings his wonderful mix of technology, heritage, and tradition to endure in this richest of subjects.

In a fascinating narrative that levels from historic physique artwork to cosmetic surgery at the present time and from head to toe, Aldersey-Williams explores the corporeal mysteries that make us human: Why are a few humans left-handed and a few blue-eyed? what's the humorous bone, besides? Why perform a little cultures think about the guts because the seat of our souls and passions, whereas others position it within the liver?

A journalist with a knack for telling a narrative, Aldersey-Williams takes half in a drawing category, attends the dissection of a human physique, and visits the doctor's place of work and the morgue. yet Anatomies attracts not only on scientific technological know-how and Aldersey-Williams's reporting. It attracts additionally at the works of philosophers, writers, and artists from all through heritage. Aldersey-Williams delves into our shared cultural heritage—Shakespeare to Frankenstein, Rembrandt to 2001: an area Odyssey—to show how attitudes towards the human physique are as various as human background, as he explains the origins and legacy of tattooing, shrunken heads, bloodletting, fingerprinting, X-rays, and more.

From Adam's rib to van Gogh's ear to Einstein's mind, Anatomies is a treasure trove of bizarre proof and tales and a superb embodiment of what Aristotle wrote greater than millennia in the past: "The human physique is greater than the sum of its parts."

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